Changing Firms

Why Join Wright & Assoc.?
If you were to ask any of our agents (we can arrange that), you will hear a common theme describing the reasons why they chose Wright & Assoc. to be their new business partners.
Business Coaching, Advanced Productivity Tools, Superior Training and Environment.
These reasons are echoed by our current family of associates and why Wright & Assoc. boasts an impressive retention of agents.
Since 1982 Wright & Assoc. family and associates have thrived in part because of our ability to help our associates realize their goals. So what's the point? Experience has a lot to do with success.
We're not the same company we were in 1982 or in 2008. Wright & Assoc. is ever evolving, changing with the times and growing. Our associates; our business partners, are the beneficiaries of our progress.
Our commitment to you is provide you with the very best leadership, productivity tools, training, management and support. This coupled with your dedicated efforts and desire to succeed will ensure that you produce more transactions with Wright & Assoc. as your partner than anywhere else you may consider.
Top Reasons To Join Wright & Assoc. New Agent Exp. Agent
1. Technology
Company provided Lead Generation Websites
Company provided Lead Management (Lead Router-convert internet leads from text to voice & contacts agent by phone)
Company provided Contact & database Management Software
Company provided "Sphere of influence" marketing programs
Automated Farming Programs
Virtual Office Tools
Wright & Assoc. "Go Mobile!" - Put the MLS on your buyer's cell phone with GPS
The difference between a job and a career isn't just luck. You need to have the drive, as well as the resources, to get the job done. No one else can do it for you, but if you have the initiative, we'll make it possible for you to go as far as you want! That's how you become a successful Realtor!
At Wright & Assoc., you'll always have the resources to help you make the "Best" conscious decisions. From our initial training to ongoing coaching, the Wright & Assoc. team is committed to making all the "parts" stronger!
Together everyone achieves more
The Wright & Assoc. Company is always ready to help you do your job, to the maximum of your ability. If you are a seasoned real estate agent and feel you deserve a greater personal return on your hard work, you've come to the right place. At Wright & Assoc., you'll find a true team spirit combined with vast personal earning potential.
Learn and Grow!
One way Wright & Assoc. supports it associates is by offering the ultimate key to career success: Education! Our respected training program reflects our commitment to real estate sales education, career and income growth. Wright & Assoc. Career Program has a focus on personal productivity, sales skills and career development. Is there any better way to build your business and your earnings?
This is our culture. Are you ready to take the opportunity?


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We understand that your interest in exploring a career with CENTURY 21 Wright & Assoc. Inc, should remain private and confidential. After submitting your information, you will be contacted by our Recruiting Associate who will answer any questions and coordinate a priority interview with you.

Training Schedule

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Jul 25, 2017

Millennials, Real Estate, & Financing- 1CE

Aug 1, 2017

12655 SW Center St. #221 Beaverton,Oregon 97005

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Aug 14, 2017

Advanced Marketing Training Lunch 1CE

Aug 16, 2017

12655 SW Center St. #221 Beaverton,Oregon 97005

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Aug 21, 2017

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Aug 21, 2017

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Success Stories

Thank you, Keith, for hosting a career session last month. I was all set to sign with another company before I met you and Phil and your organization. 

Jessica M
CENTURY 21 Wright


As you suggested, I met one-on-one with other real estate brokerages in the area (Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and Remax). I asked them the tough questions that you provided.  The results of those meetings brought me back to the same gut feeling that my wife and I had from our first encounter with you. Century 21 Wright and Associates is where I would like to be.

CENTURY 21 Wright & Assoc. Inc


10 years ago when I was interviewing Real Estate offices to work with, I was told Century21 Wright & Assoc. was known for it`s great training of new agents. I thought I would need that being completely new to the industry. I decided on C21 Wright & Assoc. because of the office location and the owners, at the time Phil and Dee Wright. Needless to say, 10+ years later I am still here because the company continues to provide strong training for all agents, and there is always someone to bounce ideas and problems off of. The idea of working with a company that is well known around the world and a local family run!

Kathie G, Realtor
CENTURY 21 Wright & Assoc.


I tripled my business in one year.

Karen D, Realtor
Century 21 Wright & Assoc.


CENTURY 21 has helped me establish a better relationship w/ my friends and past clients. I would suggest that all agents go through the training classes. If you work the system, the system works !!!

Vicki B, Realtor
Century 21 Wright & Assoc.


I would say I work for a Family owned company that treats you like your part of the family. That Wright & Assoc. spends a lot of their time finding new ways for their agent to succeed. They implement new programs and classes to help us meet our goals.

Sharon M, Realtor
Century 21 Wright & Assoc.




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